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I bought my iPhone 5S specifically for the camera.  But having one of the nicest cellphone cameras in hand just gives you a tool.  As I work through my education I’ll be working with apps and resources to enhance my creative vision.


  1. iPhone Photography School blog – One of the first sites I found and want to explore.  Full of good tips and discussions.
  2. iPhone Photography Pro course on Udemy – This online video course runs $37 which may seem a bit pricey but I’ve found it very helpful, especially as I embarked on my personal iPhoneography voyage.  Part 1 helped me get acquainted with the iPhone and it’s photographic universe, Part 2 dealt with mostly basic photography skills, and Part 3 dealt with inphone editing and specific apps.
  3. WordPress blogs – If you’re a member of the WordPress community you can go to your WordPress tag page and search on iPhoneography, photography, or whatever to keep up with what others are doing.  Then follow blogs that appeal to your creative, photography senses.


  1. Camera+ – a great enhancement over the standard iPhone camera.  I normally default to this one.
  2. Pro HDR – for taking great photos when working with high contrast scenes.  Very helpful for sunrise/sunset images, indoor shots that include bright windows, etc.
  3. Slow Shutter Cam – lets you capture a variety of slow shutter speed effects.  Get those dream-like photos of waterfalls you’ve been hankering for.
  4. iPhoto – Apple’s free app to browse, organize, edit, and share your photos.
  5. Snapseed – a fun, high-quality photo editor to enhance, transform, and share photos.  easy to pull in photos from the iPhone camera role.

Photo Challenges and Contests

  1. the WordPress weekly photo challenge
  2. Creative iPhoneography monthly challenge

slow shutter cam app

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