Being new to iPhones, I’m new to iPhoneography but I like it’s potential.  I have an excellent camera, on hand all the time, and with practice and a few dollars in apps, I can feed my creative side.  And not just my creative side but my detail-oriented, tech side as well.  This is a good mix for me.  I can get into the tech of iPhoneography, learning the if’s, and’s, but’s of the hardware and software, and document as I go along.  But still at the bottom of it all is the creative side.  That 20/80 split is good for me and very fulfilling.  The technical aspects are but tools to the creative.

I’m using an iPhone 5S as my base tool and the rest of my tech arsenal is documented on the apps and resources page.

You can learn more about me at thegreengroup.org


taken with the Pro HDR app and filtered with infrared

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