Mouse Perspective

Agamemnon and the implied mouse.

It’s difficult not to be ham-fisted when it comes to editing and enhancing a photo.  For now I’m just having fun and letting momentary impulse be my guide.  With this photo, Aggie was very patient as I tried different angles.  I took these two photos using the Camera+ app and the first photo was worked completely within the app before saving it to my camera roll.  First I cropped it.  Under scenes I chose sunset.  Under the Lab I sparingly experimented with Clarity PRO, sharpening, and vignette.  Finally under Filters > Standard I added Instant.  I thought about leveling the lines to make it more horizontal in feel but the tilt seems to give it much more energy, especially if you, the viewer, take on the role of the detected mouse.  All in all, I could have gone so many different ways and the choices would be easier if I had a specific emotion or concept I was trying to illustrate but that’s for a later day.  As it was, working the other way round, the picture itself suggested the scenario as I worked with it.

This second photo is how it came out of the app, completely untouched for comparison.


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